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A Plan for Every Man August 31, 2010

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Today I had plan.

It was a very good plan.

The key word in that first sentence is had.  As with most things I plan it quickly fell apart. 

The plan was to get up, make Riley whatever he wanted for breakfast (it is his birthday after all), work through our lessons and be done before lunch, then let the kids watch the rest of their movie from the night before.  After dinner we would go to the ice cream kickoff for our homeschool group.  Very little of that happened and none of it in that order.

Before I even got our of bed our youngest had gotten into the fridge and eaten leftover dirt cake. For most this wouldn’t be a problem but for him, it’s a death trap.  So to start my day I got to dole out Benadryl and watch for any further reactions.   When Riley did wake up I had none of what he wanted. But breakfast was fed and eaten and the day continued.  School work couldn’t start, however, until a trip to Target was made because plans couldn’t be copied until ink was purchased. 

The next step was taken and school work went well, while the toddler napped ( 3 hours earlier than normal) until my oldest decided it wasn’t so cool that her lessons take longer than her 5  year old brothers.  The pouting started but she did finish.  Lunch was served and a break was taken.  School work resumed and things were going okay until the workman arrived.  They were scheduled but I had forgotten until the van pulled up.  Still things were going well. They worked while we learned.  A few item were skipped and the movie was watched, it was now 2:30. 

Then all hell broke loose.  The ill napped toddler became my own personal demon.  Ripping into everything he could find while all I wanted was a nap or at least for him to stop terrorizing the house.  He really wears me out.  He also wore out the older two kids.  

After walking to my fellas work to get the tortillas we had dinner and then went on our way to the ice cream, 30 minutes late.  After a long drive where I missed my turn and had to ask for directions we finally got there with two sleeping boys and a little girl who just wanted to go home. So we did.  Showers and books later everyone who was awake is now asleep.

Today I learned to keep my plans flexible and to be glad with the things I do get done.  We got through almost everything I planned and I didn’t lose a kid or burn down the house. Day 2 complete.


For everything a reason August 29, 2010

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As I stated in my profile I am a homeschooling mom.  Actually, this is my first year and tomorrow is my first day.  I feel it’s important to state the reasons why we made this decision. 

I didn’t choose this because I think public schools are unholy dens of liberalism that are only there to corrupt the minds of children and create mindless followers of anything big government. 

I didn’t make this decision because my special needs child was getting lost in a sea of other kids.

I didn’t choose this because we live in bad district or because I want to make my kids holier than yours simply because I teach them.

We made this decision because we feel that our children are great blessings from God and that we should take every advantage we can to be with them.  They will still interact with other children and other adults.  They will still participate in sports, dance, cheerleading, band, choir, art or any other activity that is provided at a school.  We feel that we are best equipped to raise and teach our children and if we find an area where we need help then we will get that help.  We are blessed to be able to dive into this journey and I am looking forward to adventure.  I hope you enjoy it too.